TypeScript - Heterogeneous Enums

[Last Updated: Oct 13, 2018]

In TypeScript enums can be mixed with numeric values and string values.


enum Align {
    LEFT = 'left',
    CENTER = 0,
    RIGHT = 'right'

for (let key in Align) {
    console.log(`key=${key}, value=${Align[key]}`);


key=0, value=CENTER
key=LEFT, value=left
key=CENTER, value=0
key=RIGHT, value=right

As seen in the output, the numeric enum element still has reversed mapping while string enum does not have that.

TypeScript team does not recommend to mix the enum value types:

Unless you're really trying to take advantage of JavaScript's runtime behavior in a clever way, it's advised that you don't do this.

Example Project

Dependencies and Technologies Used:

  • TypeScript 3.1.1
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  • typescript-heterogeneous-enums
    • heterogeneous-enum-example.ts

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