Different letter case terms commonly used in programming

[Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018]


Following are the different letter case terms used when naming a programming language identifier or literal constants values with different styles:

  • Camel Case

    Words are appended with each word having first upper case letter. The very first letter is lowered cased.
    Example: myExampleVariable

  • Capital Camel Case

    Just like 'Camel Case' but the first letter is also capitalized.
    Example: MyExampleClass

  • Snake Case

    Words are separated by underscores (_).
    Example: My_Example_Variable or my_example_variable or MY_EXAMPLE_VARIABLE

  • Kebab Case

    Words are lowered cased and separated by hyphen (-). Also termed as 'spinal case' or 'train Case' or 'lisp case'.
    Example: my-example-variable