How to disable Windows 10 automatic updates?

[Last Updated: Apr 5, 2017]

MS Windows 

Windows 10 by default does automatic updates, even when it's in sleep mode and does a restart.

To prevent it from restarting in the sleep mode follow these steps:

  1. Press the key with windows logo on it + press S. It will open search menu. Type just 'update' and click on 'Windows Update settings':

  2. Now you will see 'UPDATE & SECURITY" dialog. Click on 'Advance options'.

  3. Now on 'ADVANCED OPTIONS' dialog you will see the top drop down menu showing up 'Automatic (recommended)':

  4. change it to the second option 'Notify to schedule restart'

    Now close the dialog by clicking on 'cross' at top-right corner. There's no save button. Changing menu option will implicitly update the settings.

That's it, next time your windows 10 won't restart any more but will ask you to schedule the updates if there are any.

Note: This has been tested on Microsoft Windows 10 home edition version 10.0.105886 build 10586