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Spring MVC 

org.springframework.core.Conventions provides methods to support various naming and other conventions used throughout the framework. In this example we are generating variable name by using getVariableName() method.

package com.logicbig.example;

import org.springframework.core.Conventions;

import java.util.*;

public class VariableNameTest {
public static void main (String[] args) {

Object obj = "test string";
print(obj, "\"test string\"");

obj = new String[]{"one", "two"};
print(obj, "new String[]{\"one\", \"two\"};");

obj = 5;
print(obj, "5");

obj = new Integer(5);
print(obj, "new Integer(5)");

obj = 'z';
print(obj, "'z'");

obj = Arrays.asList(1, 2, 3);
print(obj, "Arrays.asList(1, 2, 3)");

obj = new LinkedList<>(Arrays.asList(1, 2, 3));
print(obj, "new LinkedList<>(Arrays.asList(1, 2, 3))");

obj = new HashSet<>(Arrays.asList("1", "2"));
print(obj, "new HashSet<>(Arrays.asList(\"1\", \"2\"))");

obj = new HashMap<String, Integer>();
print(obj, "new HashMap<String, Integer>()");

obj = new LinkedHashMap<>();
print(obj, "new LinkedHashMap<>()");

obj = new TreeMap<>();
print(obj, "new TreeMap<>()");

obj = new MyNestedObject();
print(obj, "MyNestedObject()");

obj = new TheController();
print(obj, "new TheController()");

//a collection cannot be empty (map is ok)
// following will throw IllegalArgumentException,
/* Set<Integer> integerTreeSet = new TreeSet<>();
name = Conventions.getVariableName(integerTreeSet);
print("Set<Integer> integerTreeSet = new TreeSet<>();", name);*/


private static void print (Object obj, String declaration) {
String name = Conventions.getVariableName(obj);
System.out.printf("%40s: %s%n", declaration, name);

private static class MyNestedObject {
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