Java String Formatting - How to apply precision using String#printf()?

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This example shows how to specify precision with String#printf()

Precision is only applied to strings (limiting chars) or floating points (limiting decimal places)

Syntax: x.y; where x= padding (width) and y= number of chars.

For floating point numbers y is used for decimal places.

If the precision is not specified then there is no explicit limit on the number of characters.

package com.logicbig.example.string;

public class StringPrintfPrecision {

public static void main(String[] args) {
//limit to 8 chars
System.out.printf("%.8s%n", "Welcome to my World!");
//limit to 6 chars with 15 left spaces (padding)
System.out.printf("[%15.6s]%n", "Where are you going?");
//limit to 6 chars with 15 right spaces (padding)
System.out.printf("[%-15.6s]%n", "Where are you going?");
//floating point precision of 6 with left padding 10
System.out.printf("[%10.6f]%n", Math.PI);
//floating point precision of 6 with left padding 10
System.out.printf("[%10.2d]%n", 543235999);


[ Where ]
[Where ]
[ 3.141593]
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